Political Manifesto

It is unacceptable that an entire country is held hostage by a group of corrupt people.

We need change. Radical change!

Political Manifesto

  1. No Corruption, No issues with the law.
  2. No personal Businesses
  3. Responsibility, Accountability
  4. Public Evaluation System with historical track record.
  5. Public interviews
  6. Wage has to be relative to the success
  7. NO Political Immunity.
  8. Relevant Number of politicians.
  9. No Religion in Politics.
  10. Online voting system


  1. No Corruption, No issues with the law. It should be allowed by the law, to be a politician ONLY if you never had any issue with the law, with any form of corruption. Otherwise yo should be removed immediately.
  2. No personal Businesses that is a provider to, or beneficiary of any public institution.
  3. Responsibility, Accountability with financial consequences personally, and for the represented party.
  4. Public Evaluation System with historical track record. We need public score-cards with results, skills, training, education. We have to be able to measure the people who leads us. When a politician builds a program, a set of promises, he has to be responsible for those. There has to be a system, that evaluates every item of the list, and holds the person and the political party responsible for that promise, adds the success or failure in the personal CV of also the personal, also the party.
  5. Public interviews for public and political positions. For any public institution, or political position there has to be a Job Description, and an interview with an objective skill evaluation, and selection. The job description will contain necessary experience, necessary studies, training.
  6. Wage has to be relative to the success of the political program, electoral promises, and the KPIs of the country, or the institution that they run or work for.
  7. NO Political Immunity.
  8. Relevant Number of politicians or public positions has to be dictated by the actual level of work. Every person should work 8 hours. The work that anybody is doing, has to be defined, described, documented, estimated, performed, and reviewed.
  9. No Religion in Politics. Also, no Politics in Religion. All the points of this Manifesto applies in the same way to Religion, to priests or any other positions within the church. The church is not a political party, they should not be involved in Politics. Church uses Religion, and people’s believes to gain power over them. By this, they reserve their seat at the table of politics. They want to be there not because they represent people, but because they are able to manipulate them, so they can serve politics with votes. In return, politicians keeps them connected to the MONEY infusion – see the huge cathedral in Bucharest. They are offering services, and not paying tax. Religion was able to manipulate in the past centuries, because people were not educated, because they were able to convince the masses that there is a mad old guy, who will punish you, if you don’t serve the Church. I hope, we educated ourselves since then.
  10. Online voting system. Based on Blockchain. How cool would this be? You could see real-time the participation percentage and the current results. For the regions, villages, where people are not used to use technology frequently, we could install a nice kiosk at the voting center. Kiosk – PC with a large touch-screen. They could go there, exactly as they would go to vote using the physical, paper based system, but they would just scan there ID, and pick their choice on the screen.


This Manifesto is a starting point. I welcome any comment. If there will be any new, constructive idea, I will update the points.

Based on these points, (mostly)the entire current political layer would be, should be replaced, or/and arrested.

I don’t know the implementation steps(for now).

Not knowing the right implementation steps, is not a good enough reason to not think, not plan for change.

Step by step. When the destination will be clear, we will figure out the steps.

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