Future – Step by Step

The Rock.

A couple of years ago, I started rock-climbing. I went with experienced friends, they showed me some tips and tricks.

First-time rock-climbing is a different experience. You look at the rock, you analyze the steps, you gather your courage. It’s exciting.

As you get on the rock… everything changes. The world around you disappears, your focus narrows from a panorama to half square meter. You have to be in balance, you have to stay close to the rock. If you want to move away, to better see what is around you, your balance is off, and you fall.

Since you are close, and you don’t really see much, you have to touch with your hands, and find a crack, or a hole, that you can use, to pull you further. Your hands will become your eyes. There is none, no crack, and you already touched every square centimeter 20 times.

You can make just one small step with your foot, you’ll be 3 cm higher. Somehow, you think, that is not even worth doing. You are looking for something significant, a big step, a big crack….after some time, you’ll get tired, and you’ll make also that small step.

And there is the surprise. You reach out with your hand, and 3 centimeters away, there was a beautiful crack. You grab it, and you can make the next step, it takes you further, it takes you higher.

Life – Future – Step by Step.

What I wanted to say, is that in life, many times, we are looking for a great thing, we want to think a lot, to have the perfect plan, to think about everything. Until we have this, we have the perfect excuse to not do anything, to be passive, to live in your comfort zone.

All that you need, is to understand the direction and make a step. One step, no matter how small it is, will change your future. Everything redefines after each step. Your plan might change, your goals might change, even your direction might be adjusted based on the new experiences.

Big Decisions.

They are important, but you don’t have to rush them. There is always the right time to make a decision. If you take it sooner, or later, it won’t be as good.

If you make a decision too early, the context might change, maybe new information appears, you might have to change the decision. Maybe, something more important happens that changes everything, and you won’t even have to make the decision anymore.

If you make a decision too late, maybe you won’t have time, to actually execute some steps.


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