Relative perfection

I discussed with a friend, I wanted to explain something, and I came up with this term, it expresses very well, what I wanted to explain.

There are people, who just can’t understand good quality. You need something to be vertical or aligned with something. They finish the job, it is clearly not vertical, or not aligned, and they are just pretending, that it is, and they also have the expectation, that you will accept the job done so poorly. If you are one of these guys, just close this page. 🙂 It is not for you. I have wasted enough time, energy and money with people who just don’t understand quality. With people who just don’t care. They just want to find a way to enforce or fool the client to accept the work, collect the money and run away. 🙂

There are people, who are physically not capable of handing over something which is not perfect. These people sometimes lose control of time. What they do is excellent, but it is possible that at some point everybody around loses patience. 🙂 These are good guys. 🙂

Is there anything else in between?

Lots of shades of grey. Somewhere, one of those greys is the relative perfection.

This means that you re-define perfection. You just have to add one more parameter. Your perfection means the best what you can do with an unlimited timeline. Let’s try the same, with a limited timeline. Do the best you can, within a time-box. It is an interesting exercise.

If you actually had a time-constraint, you will get closer to that, or ideally, you will not cross the line.

If you did not have a real-time constraint, you will notice that you will automatically re-evaluate the items on the list, re-think the priorities, maybe re-order, understand better the dependencies, the bottlenecks, and all your activity will become more conscious, planned, and maybe even strategic. 🙂 Have fun.


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